Magnetic Island Informer

a natural paradise for you to enjoy

Where the rocky headlands meet the sea, many secluded beaches have formed. Some so private, they can only be reached on foot or by boat. These hidden treasures include: the charming Rocky Bay, a very private oasis resting between rugged headlands; Radical Bay, the Island’s pride and a yachties paradise; sparkling Balding Bay, a holiday maker’s haven; Arthur and Florence Bay, abounding in colourful reef life; and the striking, remote Five Beach Bay perfect for the boating and snorkelling enthusiast. Not to be forgotten is the outstanding West Point; this hidden gem is accessible via dirt road and is a popular spot for fishing and sipping wine while taking in a superb sunset over the water.

Disappear for the day in a hidden paradise and be enchanted by the gentle beauty of Mother Nature’s miracles. Take pleasure in the soothing song of the ocean as you laze on the warm golden sand and cool off in the clear blue water. Better yet escape, relax and discover on the deck of a yacht with one of the quality charters available from the Island.

For a more social experience, Magnetic Island’s four residential bays each feature stunning beaches that are all easily accessible and suitable for the whole family. Picnic Bay Beach is the quieter option, with its rustic charm and a jetty perfect for the keen fisherman. Nelly Bay Beach is ideal for a casual afternoon stroll and provides a glorious backdrop for the new Magnetic Harbour. Arcadia’s beach, Alma Bay is a favourite family swimming spot and perfect for a day out with its lush green parkland, picnic tables and playground. Horseshoe Bay Beach is famous for its array of activities and must-see sunsets. Each of the main beaches is in close proximity to a great range of restaurants and pubs to ensure refreshments are never too far away. Alternatively, pack a picnic or sizzle some sausages on the inbuilt barbeques to replenish those energy levels.

Magnetic Island’s beaches are truly world class, distinguished by their outstanding natural beauty and laid back atmosphere. Whether you opt for the spirited bustle of the main beaches or the romance of the hidden retreats, prepare to be captivated.