Magnetic Island Informer

wildlife and walks

There is every opportunity to evoke your inner explorer while holidaying on Magnetic Island. Discover the extensive 25km network of walking trails which offer rare encounters and expansive views, and with such a variety of walks to choose from, there is a track to suit all fitness levels. One of the Islands most popular walking trails is the Forts Walk. The 2km track leads to a defence base that was built to protect Townsville during World War II. This historical site has recently been upgraded and is comprised of 2 gun emplacements, an observation tower and a command post that boasts panoramic views over the Island and Coral Sea. This track also offers the best opportunity to view one of the 800 or so Koalas resident to the island.
The Hawkings Point trail in Picnic Bay winds to the top of a large boulder, showcasing views over the Island to Nelly and Geoffrey Bays and back towards Townsville. Between Nelly Bay and Arcadia a track passes through a rainforest pocket, and climbs gradually to a high ridge through open forest with outstanding views over Horseshoe Bay.

Take the West Point track that links the bays on the Western side of the Island and you’ll pass a tidal wetland, mangroves, paperbark swamps and savannah grasslands. Alternatively, an easy stroll around Horseshoe Bay lagoon reveals an exciting array of water birds.

There is also a selection of walking tracks leading to Arthur, Florence, Radical and Balding Bays, that pass through steep gullies of closed forest, and lead to open Eucalypt ridges with spectacular views and exceptional swimming and snorkelling opportunities.

Two thirds of Magnetic Island is protected National Park so visitors are granted the rare chance to see nature in all of its unspoiled splendour. Breath in the crisp, clean air and marvel at the thriving native vegetation. Millions of trees inhabit the Island’s landscape, including strands of sweet smelling eucalypts that are home to northern Australia’s largest colony of wild Koalas.

Relish the experience of encountering these beautiful creatures in their natural environment. Many other remarkable species of wildlife also inhabit Magnetic Island, including the graceful Rock Wallaby, the mischievous possum and over 100 species of bird-life. Be swept away by the charming calls of the vibrant Rainbow Lorikeets, minute Sunbirds and distinctive Curlews.

Embrace the unique opportunity to connect with nature in its purest form while reaping the benefits of gentle exercise and fresh sea breezes.

Interpretive Signs
As you explore Magnetic Island, you’ll come across a number of information signs, take some time out to read them and you will be pleasantly surprised with what you might discover. Each one is designed to tell you about certain relevant aspects of the Island’s ecology and landscape, flora and fauna, cultural heritage, maritime wrecks and walking tracks. Keep an eye out for these signs to ensure you get the most of your island getaway and learn more about the natural wonders and fascinating history of World Heritage Magnetic Island.

Please protect our wildlife ... drive slowly and carefully, especially at sunrise and sunset when nocturnal animals are active.